About Us

A chair made out of Legos…a homemade net to catch t-shirts shot into the crowd at basketball games…a fun and environmentally friendly kids’ shampoo. Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved inventing things. I see a problem or an opportunity, and my mind starts working.


Now, I’ve come up with an invention that makes walking your dog a lot more enjoyable. One day I was out with my pup, Rowdy, holding a bag of you-know-what, and I thought to myself,‘there’s got to be a better way.’ I came home, made a prototype out of leather cord, and the Poop Loop was born. Several versions later this handy leash accessory was ready for prime time, and dog walking has never been the same.


As much as I like business, I also like giving back, and you’ll also be happy to know that when you buy a Poop Loop, you’re helping one of 5 great pet charities care for dogs who aren’t as fortunate as yours or mine.


Thank you for supporting Poop Loop. I’ll see you on the walk!


Charlie O.


Charlie Olesker is a high school student, inventor and teen entrepreneur. His business ideas have been honored in the Celebrating High School Innovators competition (Winner); University of Wisconsin Whitewater Midwest Pitch competition (Top 5); and Illinois Math & Science Academy Power Pitch (Finalist).